Sunset restaurant




Dear valued guests,

          Our Executive Chef has tried to capture the essence of Phu Quoc Island with À La Carte Menu offering a diverse selection of seafood and using fresh local products.

The Menu offers a wide variety of ‘Asian Flavour’ with typical Vietnamese dishes and our neighbouring countries as well as Western selections.

You may also find some more options from our ‘Daily Specials’.

The À La Carte Menu is available to serve daily from 05:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

We hope you will savour this experience.


Bon Appetite!



Creamy Vegetables Soup                                                                             90.000VND

Pumpkin Soup                                                                                             90.000VND

Porridge with Prawn or Meat and Vegetables                                              90.000VND

Cheese & Ham Toast with French Fries                                                     100.000VND

Chicken Baguette with French Fries                                                           100.000VND

Mini Beef Burger with French Fries                                                           120.000VND

Kid Pizza with ham                                                                                    100.000VND

Kid Pizza with Prawn                                                                                 120.000VND

Chicken Nugget with French Fries                                                             120.000VND

Fish Finger with French Fries                                                                     120.000VND

Grilled Chicken with Fried Rice                                                                 120.000VND

Grilled Fish with French Rice                                                                     120.000VND

Grilled Prawn with Fried Rice                                                                    120.000VND

Beef Steak with French Fries                                                                      135.000VND

Spaghetti, Penne                                                                                          90.000VND

 With Choice of Sauce: Tomato sauce, Olive Oil, Butter

Stir fried noodle                                                                                        110.000VND

 With Choice of: Seafood, Beef, Pork Chicken

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Sauce                                                       100.000VND

Fresh Fruit with Strawberry Ice Cream                                                      100.000VND

Vanilla cream Brule                                                                                      90.000VND





‘Sea Sense’ Rolls                                                                  175,000 VND

Combination of fresh rolls with shrimp, pork, egg

& seafood fried roll served with chili peanuts dipping.


Seafood Tempura Basket                                                    180,000 VND

Combination of tempura with shrimp, squid, sardine

& wakame salad served with plum ginger dipping.


Nem Cua ‘Hà Nội’                                                                195,000 VND

Deep fried crab meat & vegetable spring rolls with herbs


Peking Duck Spring Roll “Chinese” Style                        195,000 VND

Fresh rice papper rolled peking duck & vegetables, black bean sauce


Caesar Salad Rolls                                                               190,000 VND

Rolled romaine, bacon, egg  & teriyaki chicken, Caesar dressing


Vegetables Crunchy Rolls                                                   120,000 VND

Combination roll of vegetables & sriracha tofu

with coriander sesame dipping


Vietnamese Grapefruit Salad                                             195,000 VND

Tossed grapefruit, prawns, vegetables with sweet chili fish sauce,

herbs & sesame


Chinese Chicken Salad                                                        175,000 VND

Wonton cups salad of grilled chicken, vegetables with chili soy sauce


‘Thai’ Spicy Seafood Salad                                                 195,000 VND

Tossed seafood & tomatoes, onions with spicy chili fish sauce,

herbs & peanuts


Gado Gado                                                                            120,000 VND

Assortment of beansprouts, cabbages, potatoes, more vegetables, boiled egg,

Fried tofu, crispy wonton with coconut peanut dressing.





Dragon Fruit Salad with Prawn                                         205,000 VND

Tossed chill prawns, dragon fruit, tropical fresh fruit

With honey dressing, mint flavor


Pitas Greek Salad                                                                 195,000 VND

Tossed capsicum, cucumber, black olive,cherry tomato, feta cheese

with shallot dressing on bed of pita bread


Organik Garden Salad                                                         140,000 VND

Assortment of lettuce, olive, vegetables, grilled mushroom, cheese

 With choice of dressing: balsamic, shallot, lemon chives, citrus sesame


Herbs Crushed Beef Carpaccio                                          195,000 VND

Raw beef with orange washabi topping

Compination with beetroot & micro mix salad


Salmon Tartare & Quail Egg                                             205,000 VND

Raw Salmon with lime virgin olive dressing, micro cress,

lump fish, quail eggs & crispy dark bread..


 Tuna Tataki with Ponzu Sauce                                          205.000VND

Raw Tuna infused with Asian spices, sesame

 and seasonal of avocado or mango salad


Nut-Crushed Fried Brie Cheese                                          190.000VND

On bed of Tangy apple slaw & berry compote


Grilled Scallop                                                                       175,000 VND

With spring onion, garlic, peanut


Steamed Clam                                                                       150,000 VND

With ginger, lemongrass, chili




Sweet & Sour Soup                                                              190,000 VND

Vietnamese light spicy soup with blacking fish or shrimp


Green Mustard Leaves Soup                                              160,000 VND

Vietnamese soup with pork or shrimp, ginger flavour


Tom Yam Goong                                                                  195,000 VND

‘Thai’- style  spicy soup with prawn, mushroom, galanga flavor


Tom Kha Gai                                                                        160,000 VND

‘Thai’- style light spicy soup with chicken, vegetables & coconut milk


Seafood Bouillabaisse                                                          210,000 VND

French - style spicy soup with seafood, vegetables

And capsicum rouille, oregano baguette


Prawn Bisque                                                                        180,000 VND

Creamy soup with prawn, snipped chives and garlic bread

Crab Meat Veloute Soup                                                     190,000 VND

Creamy crab meat & green vegetables soup & celery root

Clam Chowder                                                                      180,000 VND

A traditional cream based clam chowder with crispy bacon

 Oyster cracker, chives flavor.


Pumpkin & Spinach Soup                                                   155,000 VND

Creamy soup with spring onions & sour cream and hazelnut flavour


Minestrone Soup                                                                   145,000 VND

Italian – style fresh vegetables soup with leek flavor


French Onion Soup                                                              145,000 VND

Tradition French - style onion soup with parsley crouton







*All side dishes from the main course can only be replaced by steamed rice, French Fries or potato wedges.

Singapore Chili Crab                                                            275,000 VND

Stir fried swimming crab with light spicy sweet chili sauce

Served with fried dumpling & micro mix salad


‘Thai” - Style Yellow Crab Curry                                      275,000 VND

Swimming Crab yellow curry with capsicum, onion, light spicy coconut sauce

Served with sticky rice


Vietnamese - Style Tamarind Crab                                   275,000 VND

Stir fried swimming crab with tamarind chili sauce

Served with ginger rice & green papaya salad


‘Thai”- Style Red Curry Prawn                                          255,000 VND

Prawn red curry with eggplant, paprika, onion, spicy coconut sauce

 Served with sticky rice


Pan Fried Prawn Pineapple Sauce                                    265,000 VND

Served with steamed rice & ginger bok choy


Char-Grilled Prawns with Spice Fish Sauce                    265,000 VND

Served with pesto tagliatelle & jicama salad


Oven - Roasted Prawns with Romesco Sauce                 265,000 VND

Served with saffron rice & green mixed vegetables


Grilled Whole Red Snapper in Banana Leaf                    280,000 VND

Served with garlic fried rice and sauted green beans

(Approx 30 mins for preparation)


“Thai” Steamed Whole Snapper with Chili Flake           280,000 VND

Served with coconut sticky rice & vegetables pickles

(Approx 30 mins for preparation)







*All side dishes from the main course can only be replaced by steamed rice, French Fries or potato wedges.


Char-Grilled Sea Bass Fillet                                               265,000 VND

Served with parsnip purée & caramelised garlic.


Pan Seared Red Snapper Fillet                                          270,000 VND

Served with black mashed, aspagarus & honey mustard sauce


Pave Salmon with Herbs Crust “Blanket”                       285,000 VND

Pan roasted salmon with virgin olive sauce

Served with wilted spinach, puy lentil, tea-soaked sultana


Smoked Fillet of Salmon with Capers Salsa                     285,000 VND

Served with potato rosti, dill flavor & micro mix salad


Seared Garlic Herbed Ahi Tuna Steak                              285,000 VND

Served with pesto gnocchi & jicama salad


Fish in Clay Pot                                                                    215,000 VND

Braised blacking fish with caramelized fish sauce

Served with steamed rice & morning glory


BBQ Squid with Lemongrass & Chilli                              255,000 VND

Served with sweet potato chips & green mango salad


Kung Pao Calamari                                                             255,000 VND

Stir fried squid with light spicy sauce, paprika, bamboo shoot

 Served with steamed rice


Satay Skewers                                                                       285,000 VND

Grilled skewers of delicious seafood marinated with sate sauce

Served with stir fried noodles, green papaya salad &peanut sauce.


Seafood Lover’s Delight                                                      330,000 VND

Combination grilled of garlic prawns, lemongrass squids

Coconut chili sea bass, spring oinion shells,

Served with garlic fried rice & green mango salad

And two dipping sauce: lime coriander & sweet paprika



*All side dishes from the main course can only be replaced by steamed rice, French Fries or potato wedges.

Hoisin-Glazed Grilled Chicken                                           195,000 VND

Grilled marinated chicken leg with spice hoisin sauce

Served with monordica sushi rice & grilled pineapple.


Vietnamese Chicken Curry                                                 175,000 VND

Yellow chicken curry with sweet potato, light spicy coconut sauce

Served with steamed rice or rice vermicelli


‘Thai’ Green Chicken Curry                                               175,000 VND

“Thai” – style chicken with spicy green curry sauce

Served with coconut sticky rice


Roasted Chicken with Fruit Ginger Chutney                   195,000 VND

Roasted marinated harrisa of chicken breast

Served with peas risotto & organik green salad


Herbed Grilled Chicken Wing                                             185,000 VND

Grilled buffalo – style herbed chicken wing with fish cauce

Served with vegetables fried rice & Kimchee salad


Pan - Roast Duck with Orange Cinamon Sauce             275,000 VND

Served with sweet potato fondant & kohlrabi & leek


Seared Duck Breast with Cherry Port Sauce                  275,000 VND

Seared duck breast with thyme flavor

Served with brown rice & grilled jicama


Low Tempurature Duck Breast                                         280,000 VND

Slow cook duck breast with chocolate Marou sauce

Served with carrot puree & buttered garlic beans


Pork in Clay Pot                                                                   185,000 VND

Vietnamese braised pork with caramelized fish sauce

Served with steamed rice & garlic bok choy






*All side dishes from the main course can only be replaced by steamed rice, French Fries or potato wedges.


Vietnamese Char – Grill Pork “Bun Cha”                       185,000 VND

Vietnamese traditional grilled pork belly & pork ball

Served with rice vermucelli, green papaya pickle & sweet chili dipping


Pork Tournedos                                                                    220,000 VND

Oven - baked rolled pork tenderloin & bacon

Served with doubles baked potato and berry gastrique


Plum Glazed Pork Rib                                                         235,000 VND

Oven - baked pork rib with plum chili sauce

Served with Cajun spicy potato wedge & apple salad


Vietnamese Shaking Beef                                                   275,000 VND

Wok fried marinated cube steak  with capsicum & onion

On bed of watercress salad served with tomato fried rice


Vietnamese Grilled Sesame Beef                                       275,000 VND

Grilled marinated thin sliced of beef with lemong

Tin cùng chuyên mục